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Carers R Us

Carers R Us

Do you need a professional, well trained and caring caregiver for yourself or a loved-one?

Carers R Us was created by Professional Nurse Ellah Thema and Carl Volbrecht. Ellah has over 30 years nursing experience in various nursing areas and Carl has a history of senior management and experience in the retirement sector.

Ellah and Carl carefully select the best carers for your specific circumstances and budget.


Accommodation Booking System

Any accommodation provider can now accept online bookings and payments through their own online booking system. Our online booking system integrates with Joomla so you are now able to run your own website and manage your bookings from anywhere an at any time.

Our website management system and the bookings system are both designed to be used form a internet connected computer or from a mobile phone or tablet. Some of the features of our online booking system includes:

  • Tariff System: this booking system allows you to set your own tariffs. These tariffs could be per person per night or per room per night. The system also allows for last for high and low season pricing as well as all weekend and weekday tariffs.
  • One page reservation: The system is easy to use and guests can book using a one page reservation system.
  • Photo management: you are able to add images for each of your rooms and you are able to manage these images from the administration area/
  • Availability calendar: an availability calendar for each of your rooms is available to your user from the front end of the website. From there they are able to see what rooms are available and when.
  • Payment gateway: your guests are able to make payment either by EFT or credit card. These payments on made directly to you and there are no commissions payable.

The website screenshots below will give you an understanding how the system works:

Availability calendar:
The screenshot below shows what to your guest will see when searching for accommodation. They will see basic information about each room as well as a calendar showing availability.


Booking screen:
Once a guest has selected the dates that they are interested in they are able to make a booking. They simply complete the form below, confirm their details and we will e-mail them confirmation. Payment can be made by EST or credit card.


Reservations management:
The system includes a full reservations management system. The screenshot below shows some of the basic functionality including reservations management coupons and room management.

Website design ideas for bridal and wedding companies

Website design ideas for bridal and wedding companies

The following gallery of designs showcases a few of the website templates available for bridal and wedding related companies. These examples show designs that can easily be adapted to fit your specific requirements. 

If you do not find something here to your liking, we have access to many more, so simply let us know.

Please remember that these designs merely form the basis of your new website design. All images, logos and text are changed and you end up with a unique website of your own.

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